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Gi porducts (hot dipped galvanized steel sheets)are the most widely used among surface treated steel sheets, and ared steel plates maunfactured by putting F/H porduct, of which. The process only includes picking acid dip rolling into the CGL Line, annealed continuously to secure defined qualities, and the galvanized direetly on the surface by passing through a galvanizing bath with a temperature of approximately 460? It is calssified by Regular Spangle and Zero Spangle according to the shape of surface grains shen the zinc layer, which is relativery thicker than that of EG products, becomes solidified and undergo a process of chromate treatment ordinarily to prevent from producing white rust on the surface ba recting the zinc layers on the surface with air. Gi products are utilized as a product by itself, however it is used as a raw material of color coated products which are sidely used in construction materials as well.
Regular Spangle - Zinc's characteristic rain shape and brightness since zine in a melting state was solidified on the plate surface normally.
- Granin inner parts of large srystals give it an excellent brightness, but since those have a sleek surface if has a tendency to depreciate in polishing and painting adhesion after an application sith colored paint.
- And a large crystal particle will depreciate in adhesion since the cintact area with paint is too small.
Constructional materials (ducts), Interior plates of home appliances, Pipes
Minimized(Zero)Spangle - Minute crystal particled are firmed by restraining the growth of zinc crystals while zinc in a melting state id solidifying on a plate surface.
- SurFace is so fine that if has more excellent painting features compared with regular spangle
- Sizes of the crystals are so small that if has excellent polishing and painting fearures when painting, and a fine surface as well
Fumiture, office equipment, Interior and exterior plates of home appliances, interior plates of automobiles.
electroplating methods Pass through a melted zine bath electroplating method(electrolyticmethod)
attachment amount of electroplatin 60~300g/m² An attachment amount of electroplating is so large that it will be suitable for an environment with severe corrosion and the surface quality is a bit poorer than that of EG;however, has excellent anti-corrosion. 3~50g/m², Possible to electroplate it to be elaborate and uniform with a thin attachment, so that it has a fine surface and excellent painting features.
Workability Secures high workability by taking advantage of fracture treatment and aging treatment after annealing for re-crystallization Since it makes it possible to maintain the qualities of the CR substrate. if will secure better workability than that or the GI product
Productivity Even if the attached amount of electroplating is increased, if does not change the productivity Production quantities will be decreased when the attached amount of electroplating is increased
Applied Parts
Automobile Reinforcing parts
Home Appliance Interior panel of refrigerator and washing machine, parts of air conditioning devices in air cinditioner and blower.
Construction Materials Ventilating popes(ducts), guard rails, decks, cound absorbing walls, doors, ceiling materials of light weight, various materials for construction
Others Pipes, furniture, various office equipments, stoves, and heaters.