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The excellent quality of Wide Flange beam, H-bearing pile, patterned wide flange shapes and junior beams is widely recognized by customers in home and abroad. In particular, high strength wide flange beams, weathering wide flange shapes and rolled wide flange shapes for structural construction are high value added products that require high technologies and quality management. These products have a superior position in quality competitions in the global market.
Wide Flange Beams
Normal Size H100×100 ~ H900×300 W4(4"×4")~W27(27"×10")
Service columns, beams or other supporting structures
for the construction of buildings or bridges,
temporary retaining walls for civil engineering works, etc.
H-Bearing Piles
Normal Size H200×200 ~ H400×400 HP8(8"×8")~HP12(12"×12")
Service steel H bearing piling for foundations.
Checkered H-Beam
Normal Size H190×197
Service temporary surface traffic for civil engineering
works or weak ground.
Junior Beams
Normal Size H150×75~H350×175
Service structural material for house, etc.