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SWRCH6A22A,SAE1018, 50BV30,SCM435,SCM440,ML35, SCr420B, 35VB, SWRCH35K, SWRCH40K, SWRCH45K
This grade wire rod is usually applied to fastener, fitting(eg., bolt, nut, screw, rivet and so on.), shipbuilding, electronic, and building industry. And it has good surface quality and perfect cold formability.
The wire rod of SWRS82B features stable chemical composition, low harmful elements, minor decarburization, good surface quality, high sorbite percentage, homogeneous properties along the coil and excellent drawing performance. And it is mostly used to produce bridge cable. The wire rod of SWRH77B and SWRH82B is mostly used to produce high-strength and low-relaxation per-stressed plain wire, indented wire,
negative threaded wire, steel strand and rope, which are widely used in rail sleeper,
highway, bridge, bridge cable ,large cement pipe, etc.
5.5mm, 6.5mm
H08A, ER70S-6
This grade wire rod has characteristics of low percentage of harmful elements and good surface quality. By rational controlling the chemical composition and optimizing rolling process, the drawing and welding properties of the wire rod are guaranteed. It also has characteristics of easy drawing and mould saving when using. H08A is mainly used to produce various welding rod. While ER70S-6 is mainly used to produce various kinds of CO2 gas shielded welding wire, argon arc welding wire and ubmerged welding wire .
SWRH42A, SWRH62A, SWRH72A, 45#, 50#, 55#,60#,65#, XGLB72A
Hard Wire has characteristics of good surface quality, uniform properties within one coil, high percentage of sorbite, low percentage of inclusion, moderate grain size and excellent drawing performance. It is used to produce galvanized cement nail, panking, pneumatic collated nails and various collated nails, wire rope, steel strand, springs, rubber tube steel wire, tyre core wire, spring wire etc. It can meet the requirement of metalwork industry.
SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, Q195, Q215, Q235
This grade wire rod belongs to low carbon steel, and is widely used in wiredrawing,
building industry, packing and other industries.