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Hard drawn steel wire is manufactured by cold drawing process using 0.4~0.8% cargon wire rods. It's widely used to make spring such as bed spring, seat spring for automotive industries.
Pinao wire is manufactured by cold drawing process using Piano grade wire rod
with 0.6~0.9% carbon content. It is used to make springs for machiner, automobiles & Shot blasting.
Specification : 0.28mm ~ 5.0mm
Tensile strength : 300 ~ 1400N/mm2
Elongation : 15%
Zinc coating : 15~120g/m2
Black annealed Wire includes Annealed wire and black oiled wire. Annealed wire is though wire-drawing and anneals to finish. Black oiled wire is formed via the processes: wire-drawing, anneal, and fuel oil injection. Material: high quality wire rod. SAE1006 Q195 Specification: We can supply black wire ranges from 5mm to 38mm customers orders are also acceptable.
We can supply wire according to customer's special purpose.