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Cold Heading Quality Wires are used for the oroduction of fasteners including bolts, nuts, and screws, Fasteners have traditionally been manyfactured by a hot working method or machining of metals, However, the trend is moving towards using the cold working process to enhance productivity and to keep the cost down.Cold heading quality wires, therefore, prossess excellent workcbility and surface quality for the cold working process.
* Engine : cylinder head bolt, piston rod, spark plug shell, etc.
* Steering Systeam : ball joint stud, tir rod pin, pinion etc.
* Wheel : hub bolt, nut, etc.
High-tension bolts for wings
Fastener bolts for construction purposes
Ball bearing, roller bearing tec.
Fastener bolt, nut, screw, ricet, nipple
Material for switch relay
  Grades Application
Carbon Steel


Bolt, Nut, Screw
Boron Steel AISI10B35, AISI51B20 Shaft for Seat Blet, Bolts for
Bolts for Construction
Cr-Mo Steel SCM435, SCM415H Bolts, Retainer, Piston Pin
Mo Steel AISI4037 Bolts for Automotive
Ni-Cr-Mo Steel SAE8620H, AISI8740H Gear for Oil Pump, Bolts for aorcraft