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Gatting out traditional recognition centering on the surdace characteristics, utilization of stainless steel has been expanded widely up to the usage of its own mechanical propert-ties including anti-corrosion, heat resistance, and other excellent mechanical properties, and the utilizations include equipments of the various fields of chemical industry, high pressure and temperature, nuclear, ultra low temperaturem indoor water supply line, mechanical structure, and automobile parts .
- Used for anti-corrosion, heat resistance, and low temperature in the petroleum and chemical, fabric, and paper industries.
- Used in pipelines of indoor water supplym sewage, and hot and cold water supply.
- Used for over heat pipes of a boiler and heat exchanger pipes in the petroleum industry aiming to connect a heat to the interior
and exterior.
- Used for pipelines of livestock rasing and food industry.
Classification Outer Diemeter Thickness (mm)
min max min max
For pipeline 13.8 318.5 0.6 7.2
For ordinary pipeline 13.8 318.5 0.6 7.2
For a heat exchanger 15.9 139.8 0.6 7.0
For hygiene 25.4 101.6 1.2 2.0
KS STS 304 JIS SUS 304 AISI 304 ASTM TP 304 DIN 1.4301
KS STS 409L JIS SUS 409L AISI 409 ASTM TP 409 DIN 1.4512
KS STS 430 JIS SUS 430 AISI 430 ASTM TP 430 DIN 1.4016
KS STS 436L JIS SU 436L AISI 436 - DIN 1.4513
KS STS 439 JIS SUS 439 AISI 439 ASTM TP 439 DIN 1.4510